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The goal is always to carry momentum. If you’ve ever tried to push a stationary car, you’ll understand why, because getting it moving takes the most effort. The same goes for your engine, so get it moving and keep it moving and let off the throttle as quickly as possible, modern cars are designed to go further to maximize economy.

We scan and plan all the time, says Morris: “Look far, mid, up close and back. Most people look too closely. The brain absorbs about 1000 pieces of information, and at 30 mph you just won’t be looking far enough ahead. If so, you can prioritize and figure out what needs to be done.

He continues: “This roundabout in front: try to reach it when there is no traffic, slow to circulate, look, evaluate and decide. And think about the crossing afterwards: is there anyone there? It all depends on when you approach, and on the way out, is it safe to increase speed? Is there anyone behind? Otherwise, you don’t need to accelerate sharply.

Then there’s the positioning, doing it for the vision – not just your own but also to be seen by other road users, it helps you maintain your progress on the road by using the throttle so lightly, everything using the highest gear possible. Worryingly, Morris says modern drivers are estimated to concentrate on driving only 20% of the time, and these techniques allow you to concentrate much more, allowing for safer and more economical progress.

It’s a holistic approach, using all the cues that signage, road markings, and the environment give you, and doing so is both immersive and enjoyable. As we stop to check the on-board computer, it reveals that it’s also very efficient. It reads that figure of 60.4mpg, 12mpg better – a 25 per cent improvement – ​​on my first lap, which is like adding £25 of free fuel on top of those expensive £100 top-ups.

On my usual ride, the potential savings are even greater, and all are achieved at the same average speed over the entire course, the Drivesave way being not slower but significantly more economical.

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