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Who is Dame Joan Collins fifth husband Percy Gibson? UK News

Whislt previous marriages include Anthony Newley, Ronald S. Kass and Peter Holm, her fifth has been the longest.

But in 2002, Dame Joan found her true love after marrying Hollywood producer Percy Gibson.

Who is Dame Joan Collins’s husband Percy Gibson?

Percy Gibson is a Hollywood producer best known for working on productions including ‘The Time of Our Lives’, ‘Banksy’s Coming to Dinner’ and ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’.

The 58-year-old met Dame Joan in 2000 in San Franciso whilst she was starring in a play for a company Gibson worked with.

The pair later married in 2002 at Claridge’s Hotel in London.with Gibson previously married to Cynthia Bauer for over a decade.

31 years her junior, Dame Joan doesn’t often discuss her age but has recently made jokes about the couple’s age gap.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain in 2020, Dame Joan was asked what would have happened if they met when she was in her 30s, as she replied: “He wasn’t born!”

Adding: “As you know, (Percy) is somewhat younger than me.

“At first people would always say, ‘What are you going to do about the age difference?’ I’d say, ‘Well, if he dies he dies!'”

The pair do not share children together but Percy is the stepfather to Dame Joan’s three children, Tara, Katyana and Alexander.

What is Dame Joan’s Collins net worth?

Over her historic career, Dame Joan has amassed an impressive £20 million net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Dame Joan is best known for starring as Alexis Carrington in the soap opera ‘Dynasty’ in which the actress appeared in 195 of the 220 episodes.

In 2015, Dame Joan was awarded the Dame hood by Queen Elizabeth II, for her services to charity. 

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