Cyber ​​attacks have quadrupled in one year, assures Minister Florence Parly


This observation requires France and in particular its military “to strengthen its chain of cyber defense from end to end”, declared the Minister of the Armed Forces.

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“In just one year, between 2020 and 2021, cyber attacks have quadrupled”, exhibits Florence Parly. This observation requires France and in particular its soldiers to “strengthen its end-to-end cyber defense chain”, declared the Minister of the Armed Forces on Thursday March 4. “If there is indeed a space where malevolence never sleeps, not even with one eye, a space where each of us can become the target, the vector, or even the amplifier of our threat, it is well the cyber space “, she added by signing an agreement with the Public Interest Grouping Action Against Cybermalveillance (GIP Acyma).

After the cyber attacks which reduced two hospitals to “all paper”, Emmanuel Macron confirmed in February a plan of one billion euros to strengthen the cybersecurity of sensitive systems. “The Ministry of the Armed Forces has the ambition to strengthen its end-to-end cyber defense chain, from the central administration to the SME subcontractor of a large defense group”, explained Florence Parly.


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