the latest “madness” of the magnate Glickenhaus-

A new hydrogen-powered pick-up is the latest challenge for American tycoon James Glickenhaus, former banker, director, film producer and founder of Scg, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. Motorsport and the automotive industry represent his second life, after replacing sets and scripts with the most innovative supercar designs, including the latest SCG 007 Lmh developed for the World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

HYPERCAR AND HYDROGEN PICK-UP After the provocative announcement of a hypercar powered by fuel cells capable of covering the New York-Los Angeles section with a single tank of hydrogen, here he is grappling with the development of a hydrogen-powered pick-up, a fundamental element for a definitive energy transition. In fact, the American team of Glickenhaus, which also a great collector of Cavallino cars, could not miss the stars and stripes vehicle par excellence, given that even today the pick-ups continue to climb the rankings of the best-selling cars in the States. United.

THE FIRST SKETCHES For now, nothing has been leaked about the type of technology adopted: Glickenhaus merely anticipates the name of the future ecological pickup – 4DR Boot Zero – the extended autonomy, and the promise of a full tank in just 5 minutes. “Here are my original sketches and Pick Up after Michael got to work on her: 4DR to follow soon, Hydrogen fuel cell. She will have very nice range, five minute refueling “- explains the American entrepreneur on twitter, showing his original drawings.

TWO VERSIONS OF HYDROGEN PICK-UP There are two versions of this new hydrogrene pick-up in development, both with the same design: the 4DR will be the one with the longest wheelbase and doors with a wardrobe opening system, while the 2DR will have a covered load compartment. positioned behind the front doors. For several months, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has also been working on a fuel cell version of its buggy Boot, a racing dune buggy intended for races on sand and desert to participate in the Baja 1000 rally raid, with the aim of reaching an autonomy of almost 1,700 km. In the provocative tweet referring to the hydrogen concept of Scg 009 with an autonomy of about 4500 km, five times higher than that of a Toyota Mirai to understand, Glikenhaus had quoted the poet Robert Browning and the monologue of the painter Andrea Del Sarto “one’s reach should always exceed one’s grasp ”, suggesting that to achieve something important one should always strive upwards and it seems impossible to us: as in this case, ensuring a huge range with zero emissions with a versatile vehicle capable of going anywhere.

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