Phishing attack on members of the Bundestag – digital


At least seven members of the Bundestag have been the targets of a hacker attack. The confirmed safety circles of the SZ. At first he had mirror reported on the case. The magazine writes that 31 members of the state parliament are also affected.

The Bundestag itself was obviously not compromised, the attackers targeted the private mail accounts of the MPs. From the administration of the parliament it is said: “According to the information available so far, there has been no direct attack on the infrastructure of the German Bundestag.” The attackers also apparently did not use complex software to take over the MPs’ private accounts. Rather, they relied on so-called spear phishing and sent them fake emails with which they wanted to gain the trust of the target persons. So they wanted to get the access data for their accounts.

According to the Bundestag administration, all the MPs concerned were “informed of the attack and the corresponding measures by both the security organs and the administration of the German Bundestag.

There is currently no evidence that sensitive data has leaked, as was the case with the spectacular hack against the Bundestag’s IT infrastructure itself in 2015. Last year, the Federal Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for one of the alleged perpetrators from 2015, an employee of the Russian secret service GRU.

It has not yet been proven whether the current attack is an action by the hacker group, which security experts have dubbed “ghostwriters”. It is also assigned to the GRU by the IT security company Fireeye, for example. It is unclear which people belong to the group. Fireeye concludes a connection to the Russian state, since the pattern of their victims fits Russia’s interests. “Ghostwriter” is said to be responsible for online disinformation against NATO.

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