a vandalized house near Bordeaux




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Airbnb: a vandalized house near Bordeaux
France 3
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K. Jbali, S. Tusc Mounet, R.Grillot

France 3

France Televisions

The owner of a small house in Floirac, near Bordeaux (Gironde) found his home ransacked and looted after renting it to two young girls on the Airbnb platform.

Alexandre has found his little house in Floirac, near Bordeaux (Gironde), completely vandalized and ransacked after a rental on Airbnb. He is struggling to recover: he was not suspicious of the two young girls, seemingly calm, who rented his accommodation. “The accommodation was upside down, there were coffee tables in the walls, wine stains everywhere (…) everything was looted, the TV, all the appliances, the tiles and the induction hob broken“. These two students were supposed to come to take a competition in Bordeaux.”The neighbors call me at midnight, 1 a.m., to tell me that there are thirty people in the apartment, that it’s screaming in all directions, that it’s banging on the furniture“, says the owner.

The Airbnb platform allows you to be compensated, but the owner must also file a complaint. Those responsible for these degradations face 3 to 7 years imprisonment depending on the circumstances. In 2012, in the same town, another house was ransacked under similar conditions. The damage had been estimated at 43,000 euros.


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