how will it be possible to travel to Europe this summer?


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Europe: green certificate for travel this summer
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A. Mikoczy, J. Gasparutto, E. Lagarde, M. Boisseau, C. Duval, F. Crimon, O. Labalette, G. Breuls

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Europe is preparing for a summer with strict restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Certificates to travel between regions, vaccination passport, the administrative procedures to go on vacation are likely to be numerous.

Crowded or empty beach? What face will summer 2021 have in Europe in these times of health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic? To travel freely, the European Union will create a green certificate available in paper or digital form. This will indicate whether you have been tested, vaccinated or immunized. It should be available in early June. “This can help to give serenity and confidence to all those involved in tourism. I think we have to go quickly, I think that every day that passes is a day lost”, notes Edoardo Giuntoli, manager of a hotel in Rome (Italy). In duplex from the Italian capital, the journalist of France Télévisions Alban Mikoczy explains that there will be many border controls in the country to check the authorizations of tourists to move.

In Berlin (Germany), this process already exists. In some museums, visitors must show a white paw and prove that they have been tested before re-entering. “We are happy, it allowed us to reopen and to have perspectives”, agrees Stefan Weber, director of a Berlin museum. For the moment, tourists from outside the European Union remain excluded from the green certificate provided for by the European Union.

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