Facebook leak: the world’s largest phone book was public – digital


Anyone who has always wanted to text Mark Zuckerberg can do so now. In the data set of over 500 million Facebook users that appeared on the Internet, the entry “User number 4” can be found: “Mark Zuckerberg: male: Palo Alto, California.” In addition, the phone number and relationship status of the Facebook boss. The list is so extensive that even the first members of the network, including owners and early employees, can find their data openly on the network. Yes, that’s what it feels like, Mister Zuckerberg!

The data set is the largest telephone directory in the world – compiled, including personal details, against the will of those registered. Once again it is clear that growth is more important to Facebook than protecting its members. This is how the group keeps the unpleasant sides of the Internet running. Cyber ​​criminals, trolls, and other nagging people enjoy fresh personal information that they can use for identity theft, fraud, and junk mail.

Yes, Facebook closed the leak in 2019. But the case is a reminder that the network does not forget, especially not spammers and criminals. You now have one more convenient directory to use to harass people. You can thank the company for delivering this information free of charge.

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