Luxembourg reopens its terraces


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Covid-19: Luxembourg reopens its terraces
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L. Nahon, C. Gillard, N. Auer, A. Etienne

France 3

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The Luxembourgers rediscovered, Wednesday April 7, the pleasure of glasses and dishes on the terrace. The sanitary protocol remains strict, a necessary counterpart to be able to return to normality, after more than four months of closure.

The freezing cold and the snow did not get the better of Luxembourgers, Wednesday April 7: it is the return of glasses on the terrace. Wrapped up in coats and blankets, the members of a group of friends savor their beer while respecting health protocol. “It’s user-friendly, comments one of them. It’s snowing, we’re fine, we’re outside, we’re on the terrace. “ The restaurant is full until 6 p.m., the maximum time allowed by the authorities. A relief for Damien Aubergeon, the manager. “We can finally start working again, I’m not going to lose my job, luckily”, confides the latter.

With an incidence rate falling and almost half as high as in France, Luxembourg has decided to reopen the terraces of its restaurants, which have been closed since the end of November. Everyone is getting back to their ways, savoring much more than before. “Before (…) it was a trivial thing, now it has become something special, like going on vacation to the Caribbean!”, enthuses a customer. Luxembourgers now hope not to see any turning back.

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