only 12 million remain –

In the three months from January to March the incentives scheduled for 2021 to replace the old cars with new models, less polluting but always with diesel or petrol (Euro 6). At the moment, according to the portal of the Ministry of Economic Development, for cars with emissions between 61 and 135 grams of CO2 per km (therefore including the latest generation of petrol or diesel power) approximately 238 million of the 250 allocated have been booked so far: therefore only 12 remain.

The eco-incentives to buy are less popular hybrid or electric vehicles: gods 120 million made available with the maneuver just over a third have been booked, about 42 million.

How the eco-bonus works

According to the regulations in force, the incentives amount to the category from 0 to 20 g / km a 6,000 euros with scrapping and 4,000 without scrapping; for that 21-60 g / km at 2,500 euros with scrapping and 1,500 without scrapping.

The same two bands will be able to add 2,000 euros with scrapping and 1,000 without scrapping until 31 December 2021, and in this case also a discount applied by the seller of at least 2,000 euros or 1,000 euros depending on whether there is scrapping or not.

The maximum discount therefore, in the case of a zero-emission car, it reaches up to 10,000 euros and then goes down depending on the emissions, the dealer’s discount and the presence or absence of a car to be scrapped.

For traditionally fueled vehicles but still of the latest generation, the two emission bands 61-90 g / km and 91-110 g / km have been remodeled into a single 61-135 g / km band, financed with 250 million euros that went to replenish the previous fund that was exhausted.

The duration of the incentive is equal to 1,500 euros for six months, and can only be used with scrapping. Also in this case, a discount applied by the seller of at least € 2,000 is added to the incentive.

It is about to be unlocked another eco-incentive, introduced with the maneuver, for the purchase of electric cars for those with ISEE within 30 thousand euros. The Mise decree was ready and sent to the Mef and should soon become operational.

The pressure to refinance the incentives for the Euro 6

Faced with the data, some parties – starting with the League – have asked for a refinancing already with the Sostegni decree. But the resources are scarce, 550 million, and the list of requests very long (among the first the one, raised by the traders, to correct the distortions of the Tari).

The examination of the provision, launched in the Budget and Finance committees of the Senate, will go into full swing at the end of next week; A list of priorities shared by all the majority on which to intervene has not yet been drawn up.

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