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Election of the mayor of London: what are the opinion polls saying? UK News

Sadiq Khan remains the favorite to win the mayoral election of London, according to the latest opinion poll.

Three weeks before election day, the latest opinion poll placed Sadiq Khan with 51% of the first preference votes, 22 points ahead of his closest rival, Shaun Bailey.

It is one of many polls to put Sadiq Khan over 50 percent which, if replicated in the actual election, would see the Labor candidate declared the winner without needing a run-off.

Every London mayoral election since the first in 2000 has required two ballots to produce a winner, taking into account voters’ second preferences.

The latest poll placed Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey in second place with 29% of the first preference votes, while Green candidate Sian Berry and Lib Dem candidate Luisa Porritt are tied for third place with 8%.

UKIP’s Peter Gammons is on track for fourth place, according to the poll, with one percent of the first preference votes.

Despite slight differences, recent opinion polls have largely produced similar results, with Sadiq Khan polling between 47 and 53 percent while Shaun Bailey polling between 25 and 29 percent.

Opinium, YouGov and Redfield and Wilton polls revealed Sian Berry polled between 6 and 10 percent while Luisa Porritt polled between 4 and 12 percent.

Meanwhile, a recent YouGov poll conducted on behalf of the Mile End Institute found other candidates had started to make progress, with former actor Laurence Fox at 4% and former banker Brian Rose at 3%. .

While there was little difference in the polls for the candidates, a recent Opinium poll for the Evening Standard found that crime had overtaken health and the NHS as the most important issue for voters during the elections. next elections.

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