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Martin Lewis explains changes to Sainsbury’s Nectar Card UK News

Martin Lewis explained why some Sainsbury customers have stopped receiving weekly point bonuses.

Sainsbury’s customers have complained that they can’t rack up points as quickly as they used to.

The supermarket chain has apologized to shoppers and said it is “personalizing” the Nectar card offerings.

The money-saving expert said in a post on his site that the move was part of an “under-the-radar rework of the loyalty program.”

Times Series: Sainsbury's said they are now "personalize" Nectar card offers for UK customersSainsbury’s has said it is in the process of “personalizing” the Nectar card offerings for UK customers.

The article shared screenshots from the Sainsbury website, showing how the words’ every week ‘were removed from the phrase:’ We’ll send you a new set of offers – just choose the ones you like. . ”

Another screenshot from the Nectar app shows how the phrase “new offers every week” has been changed to “regular offers”.

The two changes to the Sainsbury website and the Nectar app took place between April 16 and April 19.

Buyers who continue not to receive any offers, and who wish to check if there is an issue with their account, can contact Nectar directly through the live chat on its website, by phone on 0344 811 0811 or via Twitter. .

Sainsbury’s said some customers can know when and how often their offers change over time, they added.

The supermarket revamped the Nectar loyalty program in 2019 to offer shoppers weekly personalized bonus points based on what they usually buy in-store.

But some customers have complained that they haven’t had new offers for weeks.

One person said: “For the second week in a row I have not received any Nectar bonus offers for Sainsbury’s.”

Another tweeted, “No Nectar is offering this week, so I’m shopping elsewhere. No explanation and loyalty programs work both ways. ”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said customers should start receiving offers soon.

They said, “We regularly review promotions available through our Nectar app to make sure customers are always receiving personalized and valuable offers.

“As part of this process, some offers may be currently unavailable to a small number of customers and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Martin had previously issued a warning to supermarket buyers who relied on cash payment.

Stores are legally allowed to refuse cash payment for items as long as they do not discriminate against the customer.

The issue was mentioned during ITV’s “Martin Lewis Money Show”, where the discussion of legal tender was brought up.

Lewis responded to this saying: “No, they don’t break any rules.”

“You are only allowed to take a card as long as it does not discriminate on the basis of race or disability or something.”

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