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Sadiq Khan hopes for ‘good term’ in mayoral election UK News

Sadiq Khan said he hoped that a victory in the mayoral election tomorrow would give him “the right mandate” to negotiate with the government.

The current Mayor of London was in Waltham Forest today for the last day of the campaign before Londoners go to the polls tomorrow.

With a new funding deal for TfL due for review on May 18, two weeks after the election, Sadiq Khan told the Local Democracy Reporting Service today that the government must “stop playing silly games” and provide a “reasonable” financing agreement for TfL. to support the recovery of London.

Mr Khan said: “The key thing after the election will hopefully be that the government will stop knockabouts, stop playing silly games and understand that in order to have a national recovery we need a recovery in London. To have a London recovery, we need public transport.

“What we can’t have is a car pickup, replacing a health crisis – Covid, with another – shoddy air. I have no doubts that once the elections are over Boris Johnson and the government will start to show wisdom in investing in London. And that includes TfL. ”

The Labor candidate went on to say that if he succeeds in tomorrow’s election, he would lay out his plan for London’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic “as early as Monday”.

Mr Khan has already announced a £ 32million Good Work fund to provide young Londoners with the skills they need for ‘the jobs of tomorrow’, a £ 4million investment in main streets and a campaign to £ 6million to attract visitors to central London. and the West End.

Ahead of the election, Mr Khan said the government must ‘respect the wishes of Londoners’ if he is re-elected tomorrow by giving him the powers to implement the ideas he spelled out in his manifesto, including the sustainable financing of TfL as well. like things like rent control in London.

He said: “I hope that with the right term tomorrow I can tell the government that ‘London knew what I was standing for, London chose me. It is really important for you to respect the wishes of London ”. The alternative is for the government to turn its back on London, which I am sure it would not do.

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