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The ardent host of Remainer and Match of the Day called for tension to be dissipated and demanded an end to “hawkish nonsense.” The Prime Minister on Wednesday deployed two Royal Navy ships to the region after angry French fishermen threatened to blockade the port of Saint-Hélier.

French President Emmanuel Macron dispatched two police patrol boats to disputed waters as the threat of war increased.

On Thursday morning, local shipping groups reported that more than 50 French fishing vessels had descended towards the port of Jersey, with some crew members armed with flares.

Writing on Twitter this afternoon, Mr Lineker said: “Is there a chance to grow up, to behave like responsible and decent human beings and to stop this hawkish nonsense?”

In a previous post, the retired England international made a light point about the ongoing dispute between London and Paris.

He wrote, “Thoughts are with the fish in this difficult time.”

The dispute between the UK and France is over the new Jersey fisheries deals, which were reached as part of the Brexit trade deal in December.

On Friday, the British Overseas Territory said French ships would need to obtain licenses to continue disembarking around the island – located just 14 miles off the coast of northern France.

They would also be subject to deadlines and the arrangements sparked widespread protests from French fishing communities in the port of Jersey.

Up to 60 French ships were said to have taken part in the protest this morning, with reports that a Jersey boat was hit.

Josh Dearing, owner of the Jersey Catch fishing company, said the appearance of the French boats had been “like an invasion”.

He added: “There were probably around 60 boats.

“There were a few portable torches and smoke torches and apparently a few firecrackers and stuff from the French.”

Dimitri Rogoff, who heads a group of Norman fishermen, insisted the ships were not seeking to block the port and played down the incident.

He said, “This is not an act of war. It is an act of protest.

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The Jersey government said it had held a constructive meeting “with French fishermen this evening and agreed to create a new forum to improve dialogue between the two parties.

Jersey Chief Minister Senator John Le Fondre said: “French fishermen demonstrated peacefully and respectfully and were able to voice their concerns directly to government officials.

“We recognize that there have been challenges in implementing the new trade agreement.

“Speaking directly to fishermen has given both parties a better understanding of how these challenges will be addressed, and we propose the creation of a forum that will allow the Jersey government to continue to engage with all fishermen in the region in an open manner. and constructive. “

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