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Sadiq Khan is re-elected mayor of London UK News

Sadiq Khan was re-elected mayor of London after defeating his conservative rival Shaun Bailey.

In a contest that was closer than many had anticipated at one point, Mr. Khan ultimately won by 1,206,034 votes out of Shaun Bailey’s 977,601 when second preference votes were counted.

After being declared the winner, Khan said he would “do everything he can to help build a better and brighter future for London”.

Mr Khan said: “The UK election results show that our country, and even our city, remains deeply divided. The scars of Brexit are not yet healed, a crass culture war separates us even more. There is a growing gap between our cities and towns and economic inequalities are growing, both in London and between different regions of our country.

“As we now look to face the enormity of the challenge ahead and strive to recover from this pandemic, we simply need to use this moment of national recovery to address these damaging divisions.”

The mayor of London went on to say that he was a “Londoner from start to finish” but also a “patriotic Englishman and a British proud to represent the great capital of this country”.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-08 22:43:55