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Sadiq Khan re-elected: Backlash sees calls to tackle scourge of knife crime: ‘RIP London! ” | UK | New UK News

Mr Khan’s path to victory was by no means an easy walk as Tory candidate Shaun Bailey’s challenge exceeded expectations. But the outgoing Labor Party has been forced to rely on redistributed votes from smaller parties to see it across the line.

His re-election with a reduced term leaves memories of his long-lost record-breaking 2016 vote count.

He won 55.2% against 44.8% for Mr Baileys, much to the dismay of Londoners online.

Mr Khan has been criticized on several occasions for crime rates in the capital, most recently by reporter Dan Wootton in a scathing column for Mail Online.

He summed up the point of view of many, writing: “The quality of life in the world’s largest city has been decimated over the past five years and it is impossible to cry foul more when called Lawless London.”

And the sentiment was echoed by residents on Twitter after learning of his victory on Friday.

One of them wrote: “@SadiqKhan please do something about violent crime now.

“As a single mother of two boys, living in the Borough of Lewisham, there isn’t a day that I’m not afraid that they will leave my house and come back safe and sound.”

Another wrote: “RIP London, no more stabbing deaths. You’ll never be fit for the office, London is over.

Another wrote: “You must tackle knife crime as soon as possible.”

Another added: “Start by doing something about knife crime, please!”

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“You haven’t done anything for too long.”

Another town resident wrote: ‘Please, please, please do something about high crime in London.

“Criminals do it because they are not afraid of the consequences.

“Bring more police stations back to our cities and to the streets. Make the safe city a priority.”

One teacher wrote: “@SadiqKhan does not speak for me or for all the young students in my school who live in fear of gang violence and knife crime.

“It is a very sad result for them.”

With the victory closer than expected, Mr Khan thanked Londoners for their support, saying: ‘Thank you London. It is the absolute honor of my life to serve the city that I love for three more years.

“I will spare no effort to get our city back on its feet.

“A better future is possible, and we will deliver it together.”

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He added: “If you voted for me, from the bottom of your heart, thank you. If you haven’t, please know that I will never ignore your voice, your worries or your worries.

“I will always be the mayor of all Londoners, working to improve the lives of every person in this city.”

Pollsters and bookmakers saw Mr Khan as the frontrunner throughout the campaign.

The turnout was lower than expected at 42.2 percent.

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