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COVID-19 jab named ‘best defender’ of the season by football experts in new vaccination campaign video | UK News

Football stars are urging the public to get vaccinated – helping the UK meet its goal of giving the coronavirus the red card.

Ahead of tonight’s FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester City, legends such as Harry Redknapp and Chris Kamara have appeared in a short film choosing their best defenders of the season so far … with the COVID-19[female[feminine jab coming out on top.

A national campaign encourages people under 50 to join the millions of people who have already received the two doses because “every vaccination gives us hope”.

Some of the UK's best-known football pundits have come together for the video
Some of the UK’s best-known football pundits have come together for the video

Harry Redknapp, a former coach and professional player, said: “I now have my two shots – they were so simple and I didn’t even feel them. It’s not a pain but a lot to be gained.

“The NHS has done a fantastic job rolling out the vaccine and it’s amazing that we’re starting to see results.

“I encourage everyone to accept the offer of the vaccine when called upon. Maguire’s defense may be good enough, but the shot is better.”

Sky Sports specialist Chris Kamara also gave an impassioned speech, adding: “I can’t wait to watch the FA Cup final and see so many fans in the seats. It’s amazing we got there too far into the pandemic, and that the successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program has led to this time.

“I encourage anyone who is offered the jab to step forward to do it – I’ve done it before, and it was so easy. It’s the best way to get back to doing the things we love, including get back to football as we know it. ”

Some 20,000 fans are expected to attend the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium, making it the largest pilot in the government events research program.

Tickets were shared between home and away supporters, as well as local residents and NHS staff, with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden saying: “This is when the great summer of sport …

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