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Nick Knowles faces dismissal from BBC DIY SOS show for role in Nestle ad UK News

Nick Knowles could face sacking from the BBC’s hit DIY SOS show for his role in a new Shreddies commercial.

Knowles has hosted the show for over two decades, since it debuted in 1999.

The 58-year-old is reportedly crazy for fear of losing his role after playing the role of a builder, ‘Nick get it done Knowles,’ in the 30-second breakfast cereal commercial.

“ When the going gets tough, don’t eat sweet ”

In the clip, he is seen helping a family with crafts after telling the father “when the going gets tough, don’t eat sweet,” before pouring shreds into his builder’s helmet.

The BBC One show is based on Knowles, a team of builders, traders and suppliers who donate their labor and equipment to transform homes in desperate need of repair.

Often times, homeowners have had a devastating experience or suffer from financial hardship.

Last year he and the team raised nearly £ 1million for children in need with their Big Build.

While Knowles is said to be a free agent, the ad violates the BBC’s advertising guidelines because he used his show platform to appear in the ad.

Company bosses told Knowles in a Zoom call last month that Nestlé is either withdrawing the ad or it will have to quit DIY SOS – The Sun reports.

Times Series: Knowles has been hosting DIY SOS for over two decades, since its debut in 1999. (PA / BBC)Knowles has been hosting DIY SOS for over two decades, since its inception in 1999. (PA / BBC)

“ Nick basically got an ultimatum ”

A source told The Sun: “Nick is in absolute turmoil about the whole situation because he loves the Beeb.

“But they have very strict guidelines when it comes to their talent and their publicity and he’s already broken them by filming the commercials. But Shreddies does not want to withdraw the campaign.

“While Nick is technically a free agent, he appears to have used his connection to DIY SOS in advertising which is totally irrelevant to the BBC.

“Nick was basically given an ultimatum and the decision may already be out of his hands.”

Shreddies are reportedly unwilling to remove the ad, which first aired in February and is still available on its Facebook page.

On May 17, the BBC commented on the dispute.

In a joint statement, the broadcaster and Knowles said: “The BBC and Nick are keen to resolve this issue and are working together to find a solution.”

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