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“A true hero”: a truck driver praised for parking under the M62 bridge to prevent the man from jumping | UK News

A truck driver was hailed as a hero after parking under a highway bridge when he feared a man would jump out of it.

A photo shared on social media showed the man scaled the bridge railing on the M62 in Warrington, Cheshire, and sat down with his legs dangling over the edge.

Two people suspected of being police officers appear to be talking to the man in an attempt to bring him to safety.

A truck driver parked under a bridge on the M62 when he feared a man would jump out.  Pic: Leeds supporting vulnerable citizens
Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds said it was sharing the image to raise awareness that “it’s okay not to be well”. Pic: Leeds supporting vulnerable citizens

Support for vulnerable citizens Leeds, who shared the image on his Facebook page, told Sky News he spoke to the passer-by who took the photo and praised the truck driver’s actions.

“What a trucker,” the nonprofit said. “Pull over to the emergency lane and leave your truck there – to make sure it doesn’t jump any further off the ground.”

The organization said it was sharing the image to raise awareness that “there is nothing wrong with not being well.”

He added: “What people don’t understand is that jumping across a bridge indicates something is wrong with (their) sanity at all. But what’s next?

“I have family who have been at this point before and still had to wait a week for a date when they found themselves on top of a bridge.”

Northwest Highway police called the truck driver a “real hero”, adding: “We would like to know who it was so we can thank them.”

Social media users also praised the driver.

One woman wrote: “The driver’s quick wit not only showed the distressed man that someone cared for him, but also saved his life. Well done to this driver! I hope the man is now safe and getting the help he needs.

One Twitter user called the driver a “real knight of the road,” while another tweeted, “Stuff like that always makes me good.

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