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A MIDWIFE who has helped new mothers stay in touch with loved ones throughout pregnancy and birth has been recognized by the Queen.

Her Majesty awarded former Senior Director of Midwives Kelly Pierce an MBE for her outstanding work at St Richards and Worthing Hospitals.

Kelly created the digital Family Assist app, a one-stop-shop for information for parents and families.

She said the digital portal has replaced “mountains and mountains” of leaflets and allowed families to stay in touch in ways that were not possible before.

When Britain went into lockdown at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March of last year, the portal made a huge difference.

Kelly was recommended for honor by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and received an MBE for service to the National Health Service.

She is now head of the early health and prevention department and public health consultant midwife at the Solent NHS Trust and Portsmouth City Council.

“I was so shocked when I got the news by email,” she said. “I thought it was spam initially.

The Argus: Kelly Pierce appointed MBE for her NHS services in SussexKelly Pierce has been appointed MBE for her NHS services in Sussex

“It is such an honor to be recognized in this way. I don’t even know who nominated me, but I’m so touched that they did and that I was chosen to receive this Queen’s award.

“I might be the one recognized but it’s the whole team that deserves just as much for everything they’ve done, especially over the past 18 months. I am overwhelmed. ”

Kelly came up with the idea for Family Assist in 2012, but the idea wasn’t funded until 2017, when Family Assist was developed as a joint partnership between the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust and West Sussex County Council.

Kelly said, “I just thought expecting parents and new parents are bombarded with flyers and information throughout their birthing journey.

“I thought there had to be a simpler and better way for people to get the right information at the right time, in the right way and in the right place. ”

The service is accessible anytime, from a phone, tablet or PC, and will also send key information via email that is sent to registered users at the relevant stages of pregnancy and early stages. of the life of a child according to the date of delivery of the mother or the age of the child.

Kelly said, “I would say often when speaking about Family Assist at conferences that it is a model that would really show its value if there was ever a pandemic. Because it would connect families, around one of the most important events like having a baby.

“Unfortunately, we had a pandemic, but Family Assist has proven to be such a force for good.

“There were a lot of really, really worried future parents, a lot of really worried new parents and of course all of their loved ones around them.”

The Argus: St Richard's Hospital in ChichesterSt Richard’s Hospital in Chichester

Marianne Griffiths, Director of the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The MBE is an honor Kelly well deserves.

“Family Assist was a wonderful creation when we first started using the service in 2017, but when the pandemic arrived and all of our worlds changed so drastically, it turned out to be invaluable for thousands of futures. vulnerable mothers, new parents and their families.

“The work of Kelly and that of her entire team, the way they adapt to day-to-day, the way they innovate and deal with everyday challenges in a way that always made sure that patient care was truly delivered. first was a source of inspiration. I congratulate her wholeheartedly.

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