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Acts Academy offers summer courses for local children in the main subjects of the program UK News

A Call to Serve (Acts) is a weeklong program, rooted in the biblical instruction to “love your neighbor”. It was launched to encourage love and Christlike service within our local communities following the 2011 riots that broke out in several London boroughs, towns and villages across England.

With a focus on vulnerable members of our community and those with special need (including the elderly, disabled or single parents), Acts brings together volunteers from Jesus House who donate their time to provide cleaning and a cumbersome service to our neighbors in the district of Barnet.

In light of the pandemic, we have had to find other ways to serve our community that fall within the covid-19 guidelines, so Acts Summer Academy was born.

The aim of the academy, which runs from July 26 to August 20, is to close the achievement gap that had widened and could widen further due to internet poverty and other disadvantages. suffered by vulnerable children in our communities. The academy meets the requirements of the national curriculum by offering math, science, English and information technology courses (FREE) to students in grades 7-11.

Our call to action

We are looking for children aged 7 to 11 who would benefit from tuition fees who have experienced poverty on the Internet or who do not have devices to use to access their school’s virtual classrooms. Students should be referred by registered agencies. Subjects covered include math, science, English and computer science. To register a student, please use this link.

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