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Euro 2020: schools and workplaces may open late after England V Italy final UK News

Schools and workplaces have been told they will be allowed to open later than usual on Monday, the morning after the Euro 2020 clash between England and Italy.

Boris Johnson has confirmed the decision with fans across the country expected to cure the hangover.

It comes as the Prime Minister faces mounting pressure to declare a Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions emergency holiday may be a historic victory.

Boris Johnson spokesman said: “We would like companies that feel able to consider it if they can.”

TUC boss Frances O’Grady said: “Bosses should talk to staff and try to let people who want to watch the games do it – either at work or at home – and claim the working time by the following.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “The team has brought tremendous joy to the country after a very difficult year.

“Consumer confidence is important to our country and our economy because we are a consumer-driven economy. Football only adds to that.

“Consumer confidence has already returned to pre-crisis levels. And the things that make us feel good are good for the economy.

The nation will be at a standstill as the Three Lions finally try to add to the 1966 World Cup triumph.

The very first England European Championship final is the reward for years of progress and a month to cherish in these difficult and divided times.

After dominating Group D, finally beating old German opponents and sidelining Ukraine, Harry Kane beat Denmark 2-1 in extra time to finally end their semi-final.

The final will start at 8 p.m., which means that if the game were to go all the way to extra time and penalties, the match could continue until almost 11 p.m.

Then, if England won, there would also be a trophy ceremony, which would make it an even later night for those who have to get up for school or work the next morning.

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