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When is the right time to complete The Great North Run Half Marathon? UK News

Completing a half marathon like the Great North Run is a big achievement.

Run it, run it, walk it or a bit of everything, not much will match the feeling of crossing that line, which this year is on the Great North Road, instead of South Shields, due to a change of route. South Shields is set to return as the finish line of the Great North Run in 2022.

Around 57,000 competitors will aim to complete the 13.1 mile course on Sunday 12 September, which begins on the central motorway near Town Moor in Newcastle, heads towards Gateshead, on the A184 and Felling Bypass, before making a half -tour next to the exit with Leam Lane and back to Newcastle, ending on the Great North Road.

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When is the right time to run the Great North Run Half Marathon?

In 2019, Brit Mo Farah completed the Great North Run in less than an hour, clocking 59:07. That same year, Kenyan Brigid Kosgei broke the women’s world record in the half marathon, with a time of 01:04:28, although her record has since been broken, by Ababel Yeshaneh in 2020. Kosgei still holds the record of the Great North Run route. in women, while his compatriot Martin Mathathi holds the men’s record, with 58.26.

But, of course, most general entry or charity applicants won’t aim to match the speed of Mr. Farah or Ms. Kosgei from last time around, although some attendees do very impressive times. In 2018, for example, the fastest time in the bulk input field was 01:11:09. The slowest time was 05:20:29, and the average time was 02:26:37.

So if you’re looking for a time to aim, the 02:26:37 average from 2018 is a decent benchmark.

If you’re in the mood to go faster, says a “good” half marathon time for a man is 1:44:14, although that’s for more advanced runners. For women, RunningLevel says the right time for advanced runners is 2:01:17.

For beginners and novices alike, times between 02:20:00 and 02:45:00 are a good goal, although it varies by age.

But, just to emphasize once again, living and finishing the race are achievements, there is no shame in slowing down.

Why the Great North Run 2021 may not be the best opportunity for a personal best

Due to the pandemic, the route and the starting procedure have been changed. The organizers ask the participants to make sure to get closer to the runners around them. The goal is to organize a safe Great North Run.

In its Great North Run 2021 FAQ, Great Run states: “Be considerate, participating this year might not be about your PB As a community of runners, we need to be aware and personally responsible when we run, so that we can all enjoy. the event while staying safe. “

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