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OnlyFans mom who claims to have won £ 250,000 is the star of the school Bath City News

A mother from the South West who claims she made £ 250,000 selling content on OnlyFans said it wasn’t awkward at the school gate.

TV presenter Alex Sim-Wise – who moved to Devon to settle and start a family with her husband eight years ago – said other moms are supporting what she is doing.

The former model launched an OnlyFans page in 2018 and has since shot thousands by dressing up as different characters who she says “keep a lot of fans happy,” DevonLive reports.

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But despite her online personality, she says her family, friends and moms at the school gate are very supportive and thrilled for her.

She said, “I just play around with different outfits and who I imagine would wear that outfit and create these kind of weird characters.

“A lot of it is class based because what I’ve noticed with my fans is that they like me to be really classy or really working class and because I’ve lived around both I can do it.

“I grew up pretty poor, then I went to Uni and I was surrounded by really rich people – I think I just absorbed a lot of different people and the way they act.

“By playing different characters you are playing against a lot of different fans that you have.”

How to do it on OnlyFans – Alex Sim-Wise as Val (Image: Channel 4)

But Alex says that despite her growing online fan base, she goes unrecognized on the streets, trying to stay private instead.

She said: “When I was a model in the pages I was often recognized, but I think I am much more private now.

“If people ask, I’ll tell them but I’m pretty low key about it in a way.

“It’s hard work and I think the misconception about it is that it’s really easy and you just need to take a few selfies and upload them, but it’s so much more than that.

“There was a time when I was filming everyday, but obviously being a mom, I want to be with my family. I don’t want to be like I’m disappearing into a back room.”

Alex Sim-Wise made £ 250,000 selling provocative content on OnlyFans (Image: Instagram / Alex Sim-Wise)

Alex appeared on Channel 4’s How To Make it on OnlyFans which aired earlier this week and says the response since has been excellent.

She said: “I didn’t know how it would be but it was okay. To be honest I was nervous about what other moms would think and just decided to be really frank about it. and i told everyone at a kids party and everyone really supported and excited me and I found it really touching.

“I wouldn’t want that to stop me from being a mom because that’s why I do it, so that I can be a good mom. So that really meant a lot that everyone was so nice and supported in this. topic. “

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