Rising inflation pushes cost of Christmas dinner up to £ 27.48 Business

The price of a Christmas dinner has risen by more than 3% as food inflation peaks this year, pushing up the cost of turkey and Brussels sprouts.

A party meal for four now costs an average of £ 27.48, up 3.4% from last year to around £ 1, according to data experts Kantar.

The biggest price increase was for a small frozen turkey, which now costs £ 12.46, 7 pc more than a year ago. The prices of Christmas pudding, cauliflower and sprouts have increased by 5pc each, while gravy granules are 3pc more expensive.

However, the price of a bottle of sparkling wine remained stable at £ 6.47, while cranberry sauce, parsnips, carrots and potatoes became cheaper.

The rise comes amidst food inflation that was 3.2% larger in November compared to the same month last year when it was 1.3% – the largest increase since June 2020 and the most strong increase this year.

For an upscale Christmas dinner for four, households can expect to shell out £ 33.05 this year, up from £ 31.45 in 2020.

This one is made up of the original items, but also includes pigs in blankets, which cost £ 4.83, up 12% year over year, and chilled gravy rather than pellets , which costs 13% more at £ 2.10.

Kantar said the inflated prices have yet to impact the way households shop, with Britons continuing to move into premium supermarket lines.

Lines such as Tesco Finest and Asda Extra Special are currently the fastest growing in stores, Kantar said, with premium private label sales expected to exceed December’s total of £ 587million. 2020.

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