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These are the things Sheffield is best known to the rest of the world for, including Sean Bean and The Full Monty UK News

When the Twitter user Lord Beestonia – aka Matt Turpin, communications manager at Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature – asked people who aren’t from Sheffield what, in three words or less, they think of when they think of Sheffield, he had no idea from what he was starting.

Nearly 6,000 responses later, that simple question had revealed a lot about the things people who don’t live here love, and in some cases hate, about the city.

Many of the responses were unsurprising.

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Actor Sean Bean, who has appeared in films like The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Troy, is one of Sheffield’s most famous sons.

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Steel, Cutlery, Billiards at the Crucible and The Full Monty have all appeared on several occasions, as has Game of Thrones star Sean Bean – who even ended up trending again on Twitter following the tweet.

Depending on your age, The Human League, Pulp or Arctic Monkeys made the musical cut – with honorable mentions for Def Leppard, Heaven 17, Cabaret Voltaire and many more showing just how much the city’s music scene has left its mark on the world .

The tweeter turned out to be a big fan of Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, writing in response to a nomination for Britpop’s inimitable style icon: “Simply wonderful. Continued to give hope to men like me who dabble in corduroy and suede.

Many who have never visited Sheffield associate it most with the World Snooker Championship held annually at the Crucible (Photo by Zac Goodwin – Pool/Getty Images)

Some of the responses showed a familiarity suggesting the commentator might be a frequent visitor, with Sheffield’s biggest culinary export, Henderson’s Relish and the city’s many hills popping up regularly.

One person brilliantly summed up how painful it can be to get around Sheffield, writing: “Hills, steeper hills, and when you get to the top of the steepest hill and round the corner you have a hill which is even steeper.

Several choices proved divisive, with the out-of-town Meadowhall Shopping Center getting the usual mix of love and hate, and one person describing the famous Park Hill flats as an ‘abandoned social housing experiment’ – apparently unaware of its rebirth as fashionable apartments and an icon of Brulatist architecture.

Tinsley’s former cooling towers, actor Sean Bean and the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible are three of the main things that come to mind when people from outside Sheffield think of the city

The subject of trees was inevitable, with some people fondly thinking of Sheffield as a leafy oasis on the doorstep of the Peak District, but others describing how it is now better known beyond the city limits for the tree-felling saga. trees that made national headlines.

Many people had clearly only passed through Sheffield on the M1, remembering the long-demolished Tinsley cooling towers and the Avesta Steel bison that once stood proudly on Shepcote Lane before being relocated to Magna Science Adventure Center in Rotherham.

The 1984 nuclear apocalypse drama Threads still haunts the thoughts of many viewers, it’s evident, as famed Leadmill nightclub and Sheffield’s contribution as the UK’s premier sanctuary city for peace seekers asylum and refugees were also recognized.

Tinsley’s cooling towers may have been demolished a long time ago, but they still loom large in people’s minds when they are asked to think of Sheffield

Some of the more left-wing suggestions included “men calling themselves luv” and “knowledgeable chip vendors.”

But let’s save a thought for those who have yet to experience the delights of Sheffield, like the person who wrote: ‘I have just realized to my true horror, I would struggle to be precise if I were to stick a pin on a blank map of the UK, where It’s Sheffield! I just googled it and am truly horrified, even as a former frequent AI/M1 user. Sorry, it’s not personal.

Gaz, portrayed by Robert Carlyle in The Full Monty 1997 striptease

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