Used Buyer’s Guide: Bentley Arnage Car News

The Arnage can cost between £700 and £3,000 for service, depending on what is needed. Sandell has seen bills as high as £9,000 for air injection and brake work. It’s essential not to skimp, however, and it’s essential to get a car with a full service history.

MPG figures can be expected in the mid-teens, although Sandell claims the BMW engine can reach 34. VED for cars registered before March 23, 2006 is capped at £295.

how much to spend

£15,000 – £19,999: The first 4.4 with big miles but in good condition and the first of the 6.75.

£20,000 – £24,999: Red labels with average mileage. Higher mileage ts from 2000-2004. The finest 4.4s are up to £22,000.

£25,000 – £29,999: Rs and Ts from 2000 to 2005 with 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

£30,000 – £34,999: Rs and Ts post-2001 with very few kilometers and in immaculate condition. Newer models with higher mileages.

£35,000 and above: Rs and Ts renovated (from 2005). Generally good and clean cars until 2008.

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