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Appeal for Ukraine: 7-year-old Daisy Chapman raises hundreds of dollars for the Newsquest campaign UK News

In March, Newsquest launched its #ThereWithUkraine fundraiser to help support those affected by war in Ukraine.

On Thursday 17 March, titles across the UK donated 5p from newspaper sales on dozens of our titles to the Red Cross DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, to help those in need.

Readers from across the country have dedicated their time and effort to helping those in need, including seven-year-old Daisy Chapman, who is trying to do her part.

Hearing about the Ukrainian crisis at school and on the news at home, Daisy was determined to do something to help.

When asked why she wanted to organize a charity event, she said that she “really wanted to do something for Ukraine and get them more equipment”.

Daisy decided to hold a bake sale and made posters which she distributed at Brownies and in her school.

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With the help of a friend’s relative, Daisy’s mother, Tammy, started cooking while Daisy and her friend, Izzy, helped decorate. Several neighbors also donated baked goods to Daisy’s event.

They then set up a stand in their garden and the fundraising began, bringing in over £400!

Daisy and her mum thanked everyone who came to help, especially Kelly from their local fish and chip shop in Stanley Road who gave up her afternoon to help and then returned to her shop to set up for the service of the evening.

Daisy said: “I’m glad we raised over £400 and I was able to have a great day and do something good.”

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Every penny counts – we’ve received donations ranging from £2 to £1000 – and any contribution, big or small, will make a big difference. One selfless person even donated his entire state pension for a month!

We can still do more and we ask for your help even more as the war rages on.

Our JustGiving page is a one-stop call for all of our news headlines and we will continue to highlight the heroic actions of our communities doing all they can to help Ukrainians.

All money raised will go to the British Red Cross DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

The British Red Cross is involved in humanitarian work in Ukraine, helping civilians who have been affected by the ongoing crisis.

Your donation could help someone affected get food, water, first aid, medicine, warm clothing and shelter.

All Newsquest titles across the UK are united in our efforts to support the people of Ukraine. Please give what you can via the link to our JustGiving page below.

As we are #ThereWithYou, we hope that you will be by our side and that you will be #ThereWithUkraine.

Times Series: #ThereWithUkraine#ThereWithUkraine

To donate, click here to donate to Newsquest’s Just Donate page.

Donations made through JustGiving and use of the JustGiving website will be subject to the JustGiving Privacy Policy and policy in cookies https://www.

No donations will be collected by Newsquest. Financial transactions are with JustGiving to donate to the British Red Cross DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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