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How is? I’ll be honest, the first ride was a little nerve-wracking, especially for someone who picked up their TCC 10 years ago and hasn’t ridden a moped or motorcycle since. The sheer size of the bike means it’s quite difficult to maneuver when you’re not riding it, but you certainly don’t notice it when you’re riding. A small green button on the left side acts as a “boost” button and helps turn the pedals. It’s possible to go without, but it can take a few laborious pedal strokes to get the motor into tune, so I highly recommend milking the boost knob for all it’s worth.

Eskuta prides itself on using motorcycle-grade suspension and brakes, and the ride feel is reflected in these choices. It’s comfortable to ride and glides easily over potholes. The handling is quite relaxed and it doesn’t take half the time you’d expect to feel comfortable on the road. The SX-250 is as close to moped as possible under EAPC regulations. A key turns the bike on and off, unlocks storage containers and opens the hidden battery compartment under the seat. You can charge the battery while it’s on the bike, but it’s just as easy to remove it and bring it back inside.

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Eskuta advises a battery range of between 40 and 50 miles. There’s only one level of motor assistance, and unless you’re climbing a mountain on it and over-draining the battery, I consider it pretty accurate. I managed to get 21 miles out of it and then unfortunately had to leave it for a week during which time the battery drained dramatically from 60% to 18%. It’s quite a long battery charge period, so it’s a bike where being organized is essential if you want to ride it regularly.

Speaking of the motor, the SX-250 features a 250W brushless rear hub motor with a single assist setting. Although it’s more than powerful enough, it can be a little jerky, and it does seem to increase occasionally. On the right side of the handlebar there is a small dial with settings 1-3, to represent other levels of motor assistance, but these are only available in other countries where e-bike regulations differ .

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