Excerpt from the motorsport archives: that day in 1901 Car News

France was the flagship of the automotive industry at the turn of the 20th century.

However, the German company that had invented the car itself, Daimler, was about to make a big splash with an innovative new model, named Mercedes, during a week of competition in the cosmopolitan city and before – nice guard.

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The new 35hp Mercedes was designed by Daimler’s biggest customer, a dealership in France called Emil Jellinek, and was designed by Wilhelm Maybach. Mercedes-Benz today boasts that it was “the first modern car”, and it’s right, because it gave the horseless car a longer wheelbase, wider track, lower center of gravity , a more powerful engine and more closely coordinated systems.

“The whole manufacture, design and performance of this car struck terror into the heart of a capable critic like Paul Meyan, who warns French manufacturers that the pride of car-making is about to die. to be wrested from them by the Germans”, we reported.

Wilhelm Werner easily won the Nice-La Turbie hill climb, passed the promenade speed trials and averaged 36.6 mph in the 279-mile race over the Esterel mountains to win the all-time first victory for Mercedes.

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