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Fox breaks into ex-Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s house and steals the coach UK News

Urban foxes are well known for being bold as brazen, but this one takes the biscuit – or should he be coach?

Filmed entering the home of former Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, he shows no fear as he wanders from the garden, through the open folding doors.

The Irish broadcaster appeared to be relaxing with a book when the unexpected intruder showed up.

Silent at first, perhaps so as not to frighten her guest, while the fox chooses one of her trainers to flee, we hear Annie shout: “No, no, no! Oh, give me back my shoe! Put that.. oh! »

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The 43-year-old mother-of-two, whose real name is Annie Macmanus, tweeted a video of the incident to her 673,000 followers, saying: ‘A fox just walked into my kitchen and ran away with one of my trainers. It was a Nike AF1 in mint green suede.

Shoe fetish foxes

And it looks like it’s not an isolated incident with several people responding to the tweet saying they’ve been through the same thing.

Amanda Yeardsley said, “A fox stole one of my son’s shoes outside the door to where we were staying just outside Rome. What are they doing with it?”

While Sonia Spriggs proves that this kind of behavior is not new because it happened to him almost 20 years ago.

She said: “We had a fox who ran away with one of my son’s rubber boots when he was 3. His favorite blue boots with footballs. He was devastated when he was running away in the garden with it. I still don’t think he has overcome the trauma and he’s 22 now!”

Maybe that explains all those lone shoes scattered randomly around the place.

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