Skoda, Volkswagen and Cupra present a trio of distinctive urban electric vehicles Car News

Granted, the latest sketch Diess showed hints at an all-new treatment for the Volkswagen baby, with its simplistic, angular silhouette replaced by a more curvaceous look that seeks to bring it in line with Volkswagen’s flagship sedan Trinity to be launched later in the year. same time.

Cupra’s car, meanwhile, will be an evolution of 2021’s extravagant UrbanRebel concept – albeit, as the sketch shows, with less overtly motorsport-inspired design cues. The chunky, compact proportions remain, but the huge rear wing has been replaced with a more conventional wing, the front has ditched its prominent splitter and the rear window will be lengthened considerably – possibly to accommodate a second pair of doors.

But while both cars will be evolutions of previously seen concepts, Skoda’s formula will be brand new and one of the first production cars from the Czech brand to adopt a new design treatment called ‘Modern Solid’.

The first car designed for this dossier will be presented later in 2022, but already from the sketch of the urban EV it is clear that Skoda will emphasize robustness and simplicity with its new era style – a departure marked by compared to its current cars, in particular those in the lower segments.

Earlier this year Thomas Schäfer, then CEO of Skoda, promised that the company’s smallest electric vehicle would be “differentiated from our sister brands and a beautiful concept that really matches Skoda”, suggesting that the divisions in this segment will be much more tangible than in the large format. electric hatchback sphere, in which the VW Group currently sells the almost identical Volkswagen ID 3 and Cupra Born.

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