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The strangest objects in the Thames revealed, including a statue of Michael Jackson UK News

A recent deep dive into Britain’s most famous river, the Thames, has revealed the strangest and most surprising objects hidden within the monument.

Although London’s oldest and most popular attraction may seem unsuspecting, we all know that what lives there is much darker and eerie than we might imagine.

From fish, rubbish, swords and more, Barratt London’s recent study has revealed what the Thames’ wackiest objects are.

And what lurks in the 30 million year old river may surprise you and make you wonder defiantly how they ended up in this monument.

Times Series: the strangest objects found in the Thames.  (Cloth)The strangest objects found in the Thames. (Cloth)

Weirdest things found in the Thames:

Starting strong with potentially the strangest object is a giant statue of Michael Jackson that was found floating in the River Thames in 1995.

The singer is said to have used the statue to promote his ‘HIStory’ album, but we don’t know how it ended up in the river.

Perhaps the most recent strange object found would be a 5,000-year-old human bone discovered this year (2022).

The slightly dark object dates back to the Stone Age and is a key part of the story.

Taking a more humorous note, in 2017 a plastic crocodile was seen floating down the river.

However, at first sight, onlookers thought the toy was a real crocodile and saw many terrified onlookers worried for their safety.

There was even a 16th century sword that was spotted in 2021 with an iron ball and chain in 2009.

Additionally, there have even been reports of a Roman brothel token being fished up near Putney Bridge in recent years as well.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the Thames?

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