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Netflix reveals new upcoming TV series and movies this week UK News

Netflix announced a new lineup of movies and TV series coming to the streaming platform this week.

Netflix now has fierce competition from Amazon Prime, Disney +, and Now TV, which means we’ve been spoiled for choice when it comes to TV shows and movies lately.

But as lockdown restrictions start to ease, people will still be looking for new TV shows and movies to get through in recent months.

Lucky for us, Netflix has us covered. The streaming giant has released a slew of new upcoming shows and movies this week.

Here is the full list (N * = Netflix Original):

May 18

  • Sardar Ka Grandson (2021) N – A romantic Hindi comedy about a grandson who takes on a mission to make his grandmother’s last wish come true.
  • TO CRUSH (Multiple Seasons) – The American action drama series that airs on CBS will debut on Netflix next month.

May 19

  • The last days (1998) – An Oscar-winning documentary takes place during World War II and recaps the heartbreaking events of the cleanup in Hungary.
  • Who killed Sara? (Season 2) N – The successful Spanish crime mystery returns to conclude the story.

May 20

  • Hate Peter Tatchell (2021) – Documentary about gay rights activist Peter Tatchell.
  • Jay and Silent Bob reboot (2019) – The reboot of Kevin Smith’s long-awaited late-night comedy film.
  • Special (Season 2) N – A slightly longer final outing for Ryan O’Connell’s comedy series.

May 21

  • Army of the dead (2021) N – A team of crack mercenaries prepares a heist during the zombie apocalypse. Directed by Zack Snyder.
  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (Season 3) N – The third season of the animated series set in the universe of Jurassic Park.
  • Strain (2020) – Nigerian drama.
  • The neighbor (Season 2) N – Second season of the Spanish-language superhero series.

If you haven’t completed any of the following shows yet, you might want to finish them this week

Here’s what will be leaving the straming platform over the next seven days.

May 19

  • The magic school bus (4 seasons)
  • My contracted husband Mr. Oh. (1 season)
  • Once upon a time (7 seasons)

May 20

  • The Crooked House of Agatha Christie (2017)
  • Episodes (5 seasons)
  • Holmes and Watson (2018)

May 21

May 22

23 May

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