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7 new Covid rules coming to schools in September UK News

Students and parents will need to get used to a list of new Covid rules introduced in schools at the start of the new school year.

Students are currently enjoying the little time they have left of their summer vacation, but will need to get used to the new rules when they return to class in September.

The rule change was confirmed on August 16 as government officials worked on new rules over the summer.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed the changes earlier this month.

The changes will greatly affect the daily life of students, from PPE to self-isolation.

How will rule changes affect your child?

Self-isolation in schools

Students under 18 who are identified as close contact with anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus will no longer automatically be forced to self-isolate.

Instead, PCR tests will be used to determine if it is safe for them to stay in classrooms among their peers.

Positive tests for Covid

The NHS Test and Trace system will contact any student who has tested positive for the virus.

Close contacts will then be asked to self-isolate, but this only applies to close contacts over the age of 18 who have not been double-bitten.

Children who show symptoms will also be asked to self-isolate.

Face masks in schools

Face masks will no longer be mandatory, but it will be up to the school to decide whether they will put in place their own rules.

Social distancing in schools

Since July 19 (FĂȘte de la LibertĂ©), social distancing is no longer required.

Bubbles in schools

The bubbles are gone, much to the relief of moms and dads everywhere.

Self-test in schools

High school students will be asked to self-test for the coronavirus twice a week.

Returning high school students are urged to get tested – and vaccinated if possible – to stop the spread of the coronavirus and minimize disruption to class during the fall term.

Ministers are launching a campaign, supported by an Olympic champion and a television doctor, to persuade parents, high school and college students to participate in voluntary asymptomatic screening for Covid-19.

PPE in schools

Good hygiene, ventilation and regular testing will be encouraged.

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