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Aldi and Lidl middle aisles: what is available from Sunday 12 December? UK News

Aldi and Lidl have some exciting articles coming to their middle aisles this weekend.

When doing your weekly shopping, don’t worry if you walk out with more than what you put on your shopping list.

Sometimes the middle aisle is just too tempting and things just fall into our carts. Tell us that we are not the only ones!

We’ve put together a list of some of the highlights to watch out for starting Sunday, December 12.


You will be able to find a plethora of items unique to Aldi that you might not have considered purchasing before heading to the store.

From housewares to electrics and more, there is plenty to do.

Easy Home heated aerator

Times series: Easy Home heated ventilator (Aldi)Easy Home heated ventilator (Aldi)

This heated dryer is a useful piece of equipment to have around the house, especially if the clothesline is out of order due to rain during the winter months.

It comes with a fabric cover to speed up drying time and is lightweight and foldable.

You can buy it on Aldi’s website or in stores for £ 39.99.

Acrylic pasture deer (55cm)

Times Series: Acrylic Deer Grazing (Aldi)Acrylic Grazing Deer (Aldi)

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your outdoor Christmas decorations, look no further than this acrylic grazing deer.

It has 160 white LEDs, along with ground stakes and a timer function, so it should be maintenance-free this holiday season.

This is an online purchase only, which can be found on Aldi’s website here.

Kirkton House 3 Tier Steamer

Times Series: Kirkton House 3 Tier Steamer (Aldi)Kirkton House 3 levels Steamer (Aldi)

This Kirkton House Three Tier Steamer will save you a lot of time preparing and steaming vegetables in the kitchen.

It is resistant, practical and oven safe up to 180 degrees.

You can buy it for £ 14.99 on Aldi’s website here.


This weekend, Lidl has articles that will help update your home and kitchen this winter.

Look for these items starting Sunday or take a look at other great deals on Lidl’s website.

Livarno Home Storage Bench

Times Series: Livarno Home Storage Bench (Lidl)Livarno Home Storage Bench (Lidl)

This decorative bench for bedrooms and living spaces offers a lift-up seat for plenty of storage space and a weight capacity of 100 kg.

In addition, it is easy to assemble and has anti-slip floor-friendly pads.

You can buy it from Lidl’s website for £ 29.99.

Salter omelet machine

Times Series: Salter Omelette Maker (Lidl)Salter Omelet Machine (Lidl)

If you’re in the mood for omelets, Lidl has the perfect gadget for you.

Its non-stick aluminum cooking plates heat up in just 2-3 minutes and easily release food for easy cleanup.

It is also slip resistant and comes with a stainless steel exterior.

You can buy it from Lidl’s website for £ 12.99.

Crivit LED torch

Times Series: Crivit LED TorchCrivit LED torch

This Crivit LED torch has a shockproof and weatherproof anodized aluminum exterior and therefore should prove to be sturdy.

It also comes with three different color filters, which helps improve visibility in certain environments.

You can get it from Lidl’s website for just £ 4.99.

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